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Avant S02 E04 / Jerome Worldwide

Avant!, Podcast 29 Nov 19 0

@jeromeworldwide x Avant
Started at the beginning as a mix serie, Jerome has become in the years also a digital label that now can be considered a real institution in the electronic and club music scene.

Avant S02 E01 / Ars Was Taken mix

Avant! 29 Ott 19 0

Based in Kyiv, at 14 Ars started to work as a producer with some of the most influential american rappers in the hip-hop underground scene such as Bones, Chris Travis and Xavier Wulf. After being part of Bones’ label @teamsesh until 2014, the young ukrainian producer started working on WWWINGS project with GHOSTE2X, a guy from Russia that Ars met online. Raised from the ashes of BWWWOYS in the heart of what the artists themselves called “The Post-Soviet Hell”, WWWINGS was an experimental electronic group born in 2015, consisting of 3 artists from Russia and Ukraine: GXXOST, AWRWSW (now known as Ars Was Taken) and Lit Eyne. After realising several Eps, their first album PHOENIXXX re-issued on @planetmurecords presents collaborations with artists such as Endgame, Chino Amobi and Dj Heroin.
Trio’s Music marked the advent of a new type of industrial electronic music and the beginning for a new generation of accelerated post apocalyptic dance music.
In october 2018 Ars Was Taken published his first self-release “Hold on 2 to me”, a 15-tracks album composed with a more conscious approach and many collborations both with producers and singers.

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Avant S02 E02 / in conversation with t0ni

Avant!, Podcast 26 Ott 19 0

t0ni is an Italo-Australian electronic music producer based in Milan, founder and art director for online magazine and art-collective Soul Feeder. His activity has evolved side by side with the recent development of Italian underground club culture. His work as a producer under this moniker blends strong electronic experimentation together with pop sounds and trends in search of common ground between two diametrically opposite worlds. The meeting point is found by reducing elements on both sides in search of a never truly identifiable minimalistic balance.

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Avant!, Podcast 10 Giu 19 0

Co-founder of Feet First Fair and the milanese collective Hooliganalliance, after have played in the last few months at Sohoradio and performed for Esco_worldwide, DJ NUMBTHUMB has released a new exclusive mix for Avant, an xtra rare selection composed with an impressive and eclectic underground attitude, recorded riding his cargo bike accross all major London boroughs and postcodes.
Hippy Apocalypse – Timeblind
Junkrock – Aphasic
Short Sharp Shock (Version) – I-Sound
Angst Cannon (Sans Whiner Edit) – Epsilon
Swank In Motor – Electromeca
Fatboy – Mwarf
Deep Cover – Kovert
“Cutting The Throat Of A Bouyscout” – DJ BALLI
Good Morning – istari lasterfahrer
Descrriada – dj rupture
Slash ‘N’ Burn – Parasite
Neurology – Shizuo
total destruction – scud & nomex
Concrete Jungle Probe – The Sidewinder
totally unintelligent – air liquide

Avant S01 E11 / BGV Radio w/ Katie Vick Ep2

Avant!, Podcast 03 Giu 19 0

Katie Vick x #Avant19Mixserie
Bala Club Co-founder and In Heaven Everything Is Fine frontman, Katie took over our format to present the second episode of Bubble Gum Violence Radio!
Here the full and complete exclusive interview to Katie Vick:

How did It go the “Bala bye Bala” event in London?

I think we over achieved co considering what we had to work with. The first Bala night initiated and managed by one person while the rest of Bala is missing. As people know kami is no longer an active Bala Club member so this party was just on my shoulders. After many set backs, betrayals and invasion of private space, people pulled out it. It was honestly the most stressful time and heart breaking. Sarah of tormenta from sao paulo made this possible – without her years of support and her role in Bala since she has been onboard , Bye Bala Bye never happens. NTS weren’t gonna fund it, while they do shows with Adidas and other capital. But luckily we have friends ! who have passion. Money or clout is not the motivator – the movement itself moves them and for that I am eternally gratefully for everyone who celebrated Bala with us. Minus like 2 nobodies who wish they were somebody – but they don’t worth a mention by name because even that would excite them.

When was In Heaven Everything Is Fine band Born? Who are the members? What about the project?

It’s a big band – and not like the awful music genre. We literally have too many members. But it’s a good thing. I like music how I like wrestling! Unpredictable, nonsensical, a clash of styles, theatrical. In Heaven features myself alongside Zini, Brat Star, Organ Tapes, Kamixlo, Swan Meat, Cortavenas, Sami Baha, Killavesi, Julietta Ferrari. All members do no none of the things they are known for in their solo works. You got kami screaming , brat star playing guitar and singing, Sami on bass… it’s an odd mixture of artists but we all share a similar vision … music is boring in all genres. Let’s pretend none of them exist yet and make music that hasn’t been made before. Obviously heavily influenced by Mr. Bungle along with red house painters, at the drive-in, MF Doom,- artists that just didn’t allow the box tried to put them in – they created timeless music regardless of genre.

Can You tell us something about Bubble gum violence? When and how the label born and what’s the aim of the project?

BGV has been around before Bala stopped operations. But it’s a personal mission. To make the world sound as ugly as it looks.

What are You listening lately in this Days?

Paula Abdul – spellbound
Michael Jackson – HIStory book 1, disc 2
Organ tapes – hunger in me living
Brat star – all the demos and projects she’s working on , idc if she feels they are unfinished, could listen to that all day.
elli – tunnels into u
Emiranda – My Face (the collab debut ep by toxe and mechatok)
I like listening to new and old stuff , but so far this year is producing music that feels timeless.

Can You tell us something about 2mothers?

Pixies on lsd in a haunted house ? 2 Mothers is somewhat of a side group to in heaven as it features 2 In Heaven artists, myself Katie and the multi talented Brat Star. We spoke for a bit and found a lot in common regarding our feelings to this exclusiveness shielded as inclusiveness in music- the elite of club music etc… it’s like “yall wasting ur time to be the next TF or Why Be – they can’t be duplicated!” They now move on to singing once realising that putting live next to your name on a flyer gets you a higher fee- these are careerists not artists. 2 Mothers is one big fuck you to those individuals, to what people think Bala is about. The album is 100% live improvised noise and conversations about creation, nurturing and loving. The anti dote to the bullshit counterfeit elitist club squad is love and sincerity. They will never have that, clearly, so basically fuck that club.

What about next projects? As Katie or as in Heaven? next bala or BGV releaseas?

My new solo album Vintage Robots drops in June ! Then Bala Foreveryone is our July/August. I had scheduled a lot of work for the summer which I may or may not be able to go ahead with depending on my health. Stay tuned! We will find out.

Next live dates?

You may see me in dalston of all places this July @ Emo Nights hosted and sponsored by Emo Yardii , performing along organ tapes, zini, don sinini and other amazing acts. Shouts to lil emo ceo for hooking this up, 2 sweet.

What about the mix of today? What s in there?

It’s mostly like a historical documentation of how music has evolved. It’s not linear – but if you can connect the dots you will see how none of these artists would have become who they did without another artists in the mix. I just wanna show the world in whatever way possible is that we are supposed to be on the planet to support each other in our pursuits. Help your friend every time you het higher so you don’t lose them and they don’t lose you. We are in this together.

Avant S01 E10 / Ecdysis mix

Avant!, Podcast 27 Mag 19 0

Thomas Ripley is the guest of Avant 10 episode. The young Composer and Sound designer based in Shanghai speaks about the concept behind his project “Ecdysis” and announces “Archetype Sun” with french sculptor and musician T R I S T A N out soon for TAR, record label based in Los Angeles. Ecdysis mix contains inedited tracks from his new collaboration with T R I S T A N and represents the research of fluidity between different genres as pop, techno and trance, taking sounds from underground and mainstream universes with an hybrid dance club attitude.

Thomas Ripley // Ecdysis references:

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Avant S01 E09 / Oroboro mix

Avant!, Podcast, Senza categoria 20 Mag 19 0

Oroboro x #Avant19Mixserie
Decisions and Mfzrecords Milan based italian producer explores bass music genre with an experimental perspective, creating a sinergy between underground and mainstream sounds and arraging cyber and futuristic post-industrial urban atmospheres to the ravefloor!
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Avant S01 E08 / Furtherset mix

Avant!, Podcast 13 Mag 19 0

Avant x Furtherset
Urbino based italian producer explores the relationship of dichotomous approaches to art production, developing a synergy between analogic and digital process, classical melodic sinfonies and urban electronic loops, into a contemporary perspective that leads to the introspection of human condition in the post-truth society.

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Avant S01 E07 / Amazon Prim mix

Avant!, Podcast 06 Mag 19 0

Amazon Prim x Avant
Bologna based dj’s mix is a cross-over path through cultures that leads to the meeting of opposites elements, like nature and technology, setting up exotic baile funk rhythms from the Amazon rainforest in a cyber post-industrial reality. The Brasilia-born artist stand out with an impressive underground attitude to the ravefloor!
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Avant S01 E06 / ANGELOMARIO mix

Avant!, Podcast 22 Apr 19 0

Avant honored to present the Exclusive Debut of ANGELOMARIO, the new legendary hottest talent in the italo disco rave game!

The young dj and producer based in Milan released an hybrid electronic mix, exploting post production techniques like field recording and maintaining an underground and experimental attitude to the ravefloor.

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